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2009 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

47. 29th December Spot Pick Up 14.03 Hrs Longridge Fell, Longridge. Team Paged by North West Ambulance Service to attend a Male with Chest Pains on Longridge Fell. Team attended scene and assisted with load of patient onto Helimed 08 for transport to hospital by the NW Air Ambulance Service. (20 Rescue Person Hours)

S15. 29th December Search 03.34 Hrs Nelson. Contacted by Lancashire Police to help search for a high risk missing person in the Nelson Area. After initial confusion it was determined that this was outside our normal operational area and police requested to contact Rossendale and Pendle MRT.

S14. 28th December Search 16:21 Hrs Mawdesley. Contacted by Lancashire Police to help search for a high risk missing person in the Mawdesley area. As we were about to deploy news came that the person had been locate, safe.

46. 26th December Spot Pick Up 11.12 Hrs Barnsfold Reservoir, Goosnargh. Team paged by North West Ambulance Service to attend a male who had collapsed after fly fishing in Barnsfold Reservoir. The team attended to the collapsed male assisting with his recovery. The male, after making a recovery, was escorted by the team to the main road in his vehicle (with his daughter driving). (6 Rescue Person Hours)

45. 26th December Spot Pick Up 08:40 Hrs Clayton Green, Chorley. Team paged by Lancashire Police to assist NW Ambulance Service. They had an ambulance stuck due to the very icy roads on a housing estate in Clayton Green with a patient onboard. Request was to complete the transportation of the patient to hospital. Team responded with 2 Landrover’s and a number of Team members who live locally. On arrival, however, Team vehicles used to recover the ambulance which was able to complete the journey to hospital with the patient. (6 Rescue Person Hours)

44.  24th December Standby Bad Weather Cover 00:15 – 05:15 Hrs All Lancashire Following incident 43 it was decided to provide another period of cover for NWAS as the roads had now become treacherous with ambulance crews reporting difficulties in accessing incidents. Two Landrover’s again made available. Three incidents attended with the Team standing down at 05:15 Hrs.

i)  Ashton, Preston. 00:45 Hrs, Female, Foot injury. Had been carried home by friend.  Foot bleeding, given Entonox, vacuum splinted injury and transported to Royal Preston Hospital.

ii) Bilsborrow. 02:00 Hrs, Female, foot injury. Similar incident to previous one. Foot too cold to get pulse. Given Entonox for pain, injury vacuum splinted and transported to Royal Preston Hospital

iii) Brownhill, Blackburn, Female, Facial injuries. Had fallen down stairs in wheelchair. Ambulance stuck with patient on board. …. dug, pushed, pulled and shoved the ambulance back to the main road.

(16 Rescue person Hours)

43. 23rd December Spot Pick Up 23:40 Hrs Sunderland Hall Farm, Balderstone. Team paged by NW Ambulance Service to assist with a patient with breathing difficulties at Sunderland Hall. Ambulance crew unable to access due to very icy steep access road. This is on the edge of our area with our neighbouring Team – Rossendale & Pendle MRT. On contacting Ambulance control for further information a second request was made to a further incident in Burnley. Team Leader of RPMRT contacted and informed we were attending Balderstone. RPMRT went off to the Burnley incident. Team members responded to this incident but were stood down about 10 minutes away when it was determined that the casualty had been evacuated by a farm vehicle up to the waiting ambulance. (6 Rescue Person Hours) 

42.  22nd December Standby Bad Weather Cover 00:00 - 23:59 Hrs All Lancashire. A third day of support to NWAS. Team eventually stood down to normal pager response just after midnight on 23rd  December completing a 56 hour period of continual operations with 40+ incidents responded too. One Landrover was returned to our Penwortham vehicle base with the other being left at NWAS Ambulance Control at Broughton near the M6/M55 junction providing faster access should it be required again. Twenty incidents undertaken:

i) Rawtenstall, 00:30 Hrs, Female, Elderly, Head injuries. Ambulance unable to access, paramedics on scene. On arrival it was decided to use a private 4 x 4 for the comfort of the patient for transport to hospital and we stood down.

ii) Haslingden, Female, 15, Broken ankle. Ambulance unable to access home (downstairs basement flat, steep & very icy road). Paramedics on scene. Bell stretcher used to evacuate casualty down street to waiting ambulance. Escorted ambulance to Bury Hospital.

iii) Brierfield, Male, Elderly, Multiple fits. On arrival NWAS crew already on scene. But ambulance stuck at bottom of short steep hill. 2nd ambulance requested. Patient evacuated to 2nd ambulance. Team then recovered 1st ambulance back to operational use.

iv) Longridge, 03:30 Hrs, Male, Elderly with breathing difficulties. Patient given Oxygen by NWAS crew and recovered. Patient refused transport as had scheduled appointment later in day. Ambulance in difficulty on steep ground so escorted ambulance at crews request to less steep ground.

v) Blackburn, 05:00 Hrs, Female, Elderly, Head wounds. On arrival ambulance on scene but could not get out. Casualty being loaded into 2nd ambulance. Original ambulance recovered to operational use by team.

vi) Ribchester, Male, 38, Unconscious. Stood down on scene as ambulance able to access.

vii) Rawtenstall, Female, Elderly, Overdue dialysis. Ambulance had not been able to reach for two days due to ice and snow on road. Placed on bell stretcher and sledged to waiting ambulance some distance away.

viii) Rawtenstall, Female, Elderly, Condition unknown. Stood down responding as ambulance managed to gain access.

ix) Rawtenstall, Female, Elderly. Patient placed on bell stretcher and again sledged to waiting ambulance some distance away

x) Padiham. Paramedics RRV stuck on iced-up hilly road. Recovered vehicle and returned it to operational use.

xi) Grizedale Fell, Wyresdale. Male, 94, Difficulty Breathing COPD. Met single paramedic at scene in hired 4 x 4. Evacuated on Vac mat to team vehicle then transported 4km to waiting ambulance

xii) Broughton Ambulance Station, Preston. Broken down car blocking entrance to Ambulance station. Car removed. 

xiii)  Simonstone, Burnley. Male, 65, Collapsed. On teams arrival paramedic and ambulance crew unable to evacuate to ambulance some distance away. CPR in progress. Bell stretcher used to evacuate through housing estate to ambulance. Sadly, person pronounced dead shortly after arrival at Royal Blackburn Hospital. Team returned from hospital to paramedics vehicle and recovered it back to operational use. Team’s thoughts are with deceased friends and family.

xiv) Lower Darwen. Male, 81, Urinary problems. Ambulance crew unable to reach house. Transported by team vehicle. Patient & his wife driven to Royal Blackburn Hospital in team vehicle/

xv) Lancaster. ? Spinal injuries. Team responded to young person reported with spinal injuries within school grounds. Full team page put out for team members local to the incident to attend. Stood down by first team member on scene as injuries not as serious as first thought and ambulance crew had accessed.

xvi) Clitheroe. Male, Adult, Head injury. Fallen on ice. Diverted whilst on route as NWAS had accessed to following …

xvii) Paythorn. Female, Adult, Fitting. Team assessed casualty as NWAS ambulance arrived.  Anxiety attack diagnosed. Patient calmed and left at home. Escorted ambulance back to gritted road.

xviii) Clitheroe. Requested to move in direction of Clitheroe to support ambulance crew but stood down

xix) Barnoldswick. 20:35 hrs, Male. Team attended house to find person near collapsed. Stated he did not feel well.  Asked if he could move to team vehicle but vomited and collapsed. Recovered to previous state within five minutes. Paramedic backup requested but none available. Then the story came out – had been involved in RTC previous day but had presented at hospital and said he fell on ice leaving with a few stitches. Decision made to transport to Airedale General Hospital near Skipton meeting with paramedics on route. However, delivered direct to hospital where diagnosed with internal bleeding and sent immediately to theatre. Person made full recovery.

xx) RTC. While returning from Skipton team witnessed a RTC where a car hit a bridge. No injuries but area made safe with blues on the vehicle and handed over to police.

(96+ Rescue Person Hours)

41.  21st December Standby Bad Weather Cover 00:00 – 23:59 Hrs All Lancashire. The second day of cover to assist NW Ambulance Service. Conditions worsening across the whole are and indeed across the country in general. Thirteen incidents attended of which brief details are outlined below:

i)  Caldervale near Garstang, Male, Collapsed, chest pains, unresponsive. 1st responder on scene. Very difficult access & 2nd Landrover tasked to assist.  Evacuated by team members to Royal Preston Hospital A & E.

ii) Longridge, Patient Transfer. Medical condition. To Royal Preston Hospital.

iii) Docks, Preston, Male. Unresponsive? Drunk. Stood down on scene as no task for Mountain Rescue.

iv) Bruna Hill, Garstang, Female,? Stroke. Met paramedic in Rapid Response Vehicle and transported up steep track to house. Evacuated patient to Royal Preston Hospital in team vehicle.

v) Clitheroe, Male, 4, Head injury. Stood down responding. Ambulance able to access.

vi) Brierfield, ?, 69, Chest pains. Stood down responding. Ambulance able to access.

vii) Stonyhurst, Male, Collapsed. Stood down responding. Ambulance able to access.

viii)  Leyland, 11:15 Hrs, Male, 89, Difficulty breathing. Handed over to NWAS crew when they arrived.

ix) Burnley, 12:46 Hrs, Female, 35, Hip problem (? popped out). Carried patient to waiting ambulance some 100m away.

x) Colne, 13:29 Hrs, Female, Elderly, Fallen within house. Carried patient to waiting ambulance some 150m away.

xi) Stacksteads, Bacup. 14:45 Hrs, Female, Elderly. Unwell, urgent referral by Doctor. Assessed by MR. Abdominal pain required transport in upright position.  With MR Landrover considered not suitable requested ambulance as a better solution.

xii) Waterfoot, 16:00 Hrs, Female, 19, abdominal pains. Patient transported to Burnley Hospital.

xiii) Whitewell Bottom, Rawtenstall, 19:00 Hrs, Female, Patient transfer from hospital to home (broken leg). PTS had got to bottom of road but unable to get to patients home. Team able to access and get person back to upstairs flat.

(96+ Rescue Person Hours)

40.  20th December Standby Bad Weather Cover 16:00 – 23:59 Hrs All Lancashire. Team contacted by North West Ambulance service to make our 4 x 4 Landrover’s available to cover the bad weather. Heavy snow and ice had made many roads impassable with ambulances unable to reach casualties or getting stuck on route. Over the next 56 hours Team continuously provided two Landrover’s crewed by Team members in shifts. Some 40+ incidents attended all over Lancashire not just on our own patch. These incidents involved transporting patients to hospital from remote farms, sledging casualties from houses down steep icy streets to waiting ambulances on gritted roads and accessing patients, which normal ambulances could not reach. Injuries dealt with included the usual falls & slips due to icy paths and roads to the more serious incidents such as heart conditions, difficulty breathing, a possible stroke & in one case serious internal bleeding. Eight incidents to report from this initial period.

i) Newton, 18:00 Hrs, Male, Elderly, Collapsed. Responded in support of ambulance. Stood down at Dunsop Bridge as ambulance had made it through.

ii) Old Langho, 23:30 Hrs, Male, slipped disc. Initially tasked to provide IN Morphine on arrival two ambulances on scene. Pain relief provided by Entonox. Patient evacuated on long board from upstairs bedroom by team members and ambulance crew.

iii) Haslingden, 00:00 Hrs. Easily, recovered ambulance stuck at bottom of short cobbled street and returned it to operational use.

iv) Blackburn, Female, Abdominal pains. Ambulance not able to reach house. Escorted paramedic to house and evacuated patient to ambulance. Then escorted it to Royal Blackburn Hospital.

v) Blackburn, Male, 48, Breathing difficulties.  Ambulance not able to reach house. Escorted paramedic to house than transported both patient & paramedic to Royal Blackburn Hospital.

vi) Accrington, Mall, Fitting. Ambulance not able to reach house. Escorted paramedic to house but patient refused treatment.

vii) M6 Junction 31a, Road Traffic Collision. Stood down responding.

viii) Parbold, Road Traffic Collision. Stood down responding.

(32+ Rescue Person Hours)

S14.  17
th December Standby Bad Weather Cover 22:29 Hrs All of Team Area
  NWAS contacted the Team with an enquiry as to the availability of our 4 x 4 Landrover vehicles due to worsening weather conditions especially in east Lancashire. Request was for 06:00 hrs the following day. Arrangements made for the Team to deploy but we stood down at 06:00 hrs as weather had improved and we were not required.

S13. 24th November Standby Major Incident 08:00 Hrs Cumbria. Team Leader again contacted by Cumbria MR “Gold”. Another period of bad weather was expected over the next 24 hours. Team brought to standby again ready to provide support to other MRT’s in southern Cumbria. Team remained on standby until 12:00 hrs the following day.

S12. 21st November Standby Search 15:30 Hrs River Lune, Kirkby Lonsdale. Team leader contacted directly by the Team Leader of Kendal MSRT. They were searching an area of the River Lune near Kirkby Lonsdale for a female who had been missing for some days.  River still in very high spate following the period of prolonged bad weather.  Request was to carry out a more extensive search the following day. However, news came that evening that a body had been found some miles down stream. The Teams thoughts and sympathies remain with family & friends of the missing person.

39. 19th November Search 17:26 Hrs Leigh, Greater Manchester. Teams SARDA dog handlers again called to assist Bolton MRT. A 14-year-old girl had been reported missing.  Stood down en-route when news came that the girl had been found safe.   (2 Rescue Person Hours)
Bolton MRT Incident 82/2009

S11. 19th November Standby Major Incident 11:45 Hrs Cumbria. Team Leader contacted by Mountain Rescue “Gold” Commander requesting the Team go to standby ready to support other Mountain Rescue Teams dealing with extensive flooding incidents throughout Cumbria. Team remained on Standby for 36 hours but did not deploy.

38. 28th October Search 11:59 hrs Fulwood Area, Preston. Team paged by Lancashire Police to mount an urgent search for a missing female described as vulnerable in the Fulwood area of Preston. It was soon realised that the missing person was the same person as incident 22/2008. An extensive search of local footpaths, farmland and woods plus the area where the person was located previously was undertaken. Teams trailing & area search dogs used.  The initial Team response being complemented by other Team members as they became available in the late afternoon. 27 members taking part in the search effort. Team stood down at 22:00 hrs with nothing found having completed a search of a very large area around the persons home & areas that she was known to visit. Search areas overlapping with incident 36/2009. Whilst returning vehicles to our Garstang base Team members met with Police Officers who had just received a report of body on the railway line at Bilsborrow about 7 Km north of the search areas. Unfortunately this turned out to be the missing person. The Teams thoughts and sympathies are with the missing persons family & friends at this time.     (240 Rescue Person Hours)

37. 27th October Search 08:00 hrs River Ribble, Preston. On Monday 26th October a male was seen to enter the River Ribble at Avenham, Preston. An immediate search of the area was undertaken by the Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service and the Police helicopter but nothing was found and the search was suspended at last light. The Team was requested to join the Police Underwater Unit and resume the search the following day. An extensive area of both banks was searched above and below the last known position of the missing person.  The requirement to search upstream being due to the tidal nature of the river at this point. Nothing found and it is feared that the person had been carried much further out into the estuary. Our 4th search in this area so far this year. See also incidents 27, 28 and 35.   (64 Rescue Person Hours) 

Post Script: The missing person remains outstanding.

36. 23rd October Search 08:00 hrs Broughton / Whittingham Area, Preston. Team contacted some days previously by Lancashire Police to assist in a search for a male, aged 31, who had last been seen 3 weeks ago in the Whittingham Lane area of Preston and was giving concern for his safety. Team was requested to assist as the intention was to search a large area around the PLS (Place Last Seen). Due to the size of area it was decided to request assistance from neighbouring Teams. Some 45 Mountain Rescue Team members from Bolton MRT, Rossendale & Pendle MRT, Kendal MSRT, Duddon Furness MRT, Langdale Ambleside MRT & ourselves plus search dogs from SARDA (Lakes & England) carried out an extensive search of fields, woods, streams & farmland.  Lancashire Police provided 50 officers including horse, dog, air & underwater support units plus catering. Nothing was found. Thanks to all at Broughton & District Hall for allowing us to set up an Incident Control Room in their building. (190 Rescue Person Hours)

Some weeks later the missing person contacted his family to say he was safe and living in London.

35. 4th October Search 20:04 hrs River Ribble, Preston. Team requested to assist in an urgent search of the River Ribble at Preston. Our third visit to this location recently (see incidents 27 & 28). Two fishermen had reported speaking to a female swimming in the river at Church Deeps and contacted the Police, as they were concerned for her safety. On arrival we joined a large contingent from Lancashire Police, Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service including their Swift Water Rescue team and a major Incident Command & Control vehicle plus two HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) and a number of other vehicles from NW Ambulance Service. Police Helicopter had searched the river.  Team searched the riverbanks from Penwortham to the London Road Bridge supported by an F&RS boat on the river. Team also carried out a second search of the riverbanks by Church Deeps upstream of the London Road Bridge (the first search being completed earlier by the Fire & Rescue Service). All Emergency services stood down just after midnight with nothing found.    (64 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script: The Police and the Fire & Rescue Service carried out further searches the following day but nothing found.

34. 30th September Search 19:00 Hrs Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester. Both of the Teams search dogs and handlers again assisted Bolton MRT in the search for a missing female in the Dunham Park area of South Manchester. Stood down just after midnight with nothing found. Sadly, the woman’s body was found the following day.  (6 Rescue Person Hours)

 Bolton MRT Incident 76/2009

33. 29th September Search 14:00 Hrs Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan. The first of two callouts in as many days where the Teams SARDA dog handlers assisted Bolton MRT in a search for a missing female.  A member of the public found the woman, safe.     (2 Rescue Person Hours)

 Bolton MRT Incident 75/2009

27th September. Yorkshire Dales. The Team once again provide safety cover for the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross in the Yorkshire Dales. The usual array of cuts and bruises presented at our First Aid station at the finish line.  Just one hill incident this year and in an almost identical location to one of last years incidents: 

32. 27th September Spot Pick-Up 12:00 hrs Whernside.  On the descent from Whernside a male fell from his bike and dislocated his shoulder. The person was treated by the Team and then walked to a waiting Team Landrover for a short journey to a waiting land ambulance at Ribblehead. (1 Rescue Person Hours)

31. 6th September Spot Pick-up 16:33 Hrs Jenny Brown Point, Silverdale. Team requested by the NW Air Ambulance to assist with a female who was reported to have fallen from cliffs in the Jenny Brown Point / Jack Scout area of Silverdale. Team stood down almost immediately when it was determined that land ambulance crews had been able to assist.

30. 30th August Search 11:08 hrs Hornby, Lune Valley. Team requested to search for a missing female in the Hornby area.  This involved a search of the area around Hornby & Gresshingham in the Lune Valley including woods, extensive areas of farmland and the banks of River Lune as far as the tidal reaches at Lancaster. Sadly, the body of the missing person was located some hours into the search. This multi agency response included water rescue & urban search units from Lancashire F&RS, hovercraft & inshore lifeboats from the RNLI, Lancashire Police Air support unit & Police dogs. Villages searched by Police Officers & PCSO’s with Lancashire Police providing catering facilities. The mountain rescue effort from the Team was supported by 5 search dogs and handlers from SARDA - 2 SARDA (England), 2 SARDA (Lakes) & 1 SARDA (Wales). The Teams sympathies are extended to the missing persons family. (180 Rescue Person Hours).

29. 25th August Search 19:30 Hrs Trafford, Greater Manchester. One of the Teams search dogs and handler assisted Bolton MRT in the search of open ground and water near the Trafford Centre in Greater Manchester. Sadly, this resulted in the discovery of the body of an 11-year-old boy by BMRT.      (2 Rescue Person Hours)

 Bolton MRT Incident 67/2009

28. 16th August Search 13:57 Hrs River Ribble, Preston. A return to almost the same ground as the previous incident. Team requested to search for a 12-year-old boy who was giving cause for concern for his safety. Search of the banks of the River Ribble & Fishwick Ponds to the M6 motorway bridge at Brockholes. With the missing boy being a keen fisherman the Team was also tasked with searching a number of local ponds in the area. The missing person was located, safe, within the designated search areas at Avenham Park by Police officers shortly after 16:30 hrs.  (45 Rescue Person Hours)

27. 14th August Search 16:50 Hrs Ribbleton, Preston. Team requested by Lancashire Police to search for a vulnerable male described as suicidal. Team Incident Controllers set up a base at Preston Police Station where it was decided search dogs would be used to cover the identified areas. The Teams two dogs and handlers were supplemented by two dog units from SARDA (LAKES) & one from SARDA (ENGLAND). Team members provided navigation and support for the dog handlers. The search was stood down when the missing person returned to his home. (40 Rescue Person Hours)

S10. 8th August Standby Search 23:34 Hrs Warton Crag near Carnforth. Team Controllers paged with a report of a group of five walkers lost in the Warton Crag area. Mobile phone contact was made with the group and they had managed to sort themselves out with directions back to their car from a local person.  Team Controllers remained on standby until it was confirmed they were all safely away. (4 Rescue Person Hours)

26. 7th August Search 22:13 Hrs Warton near Preston Team Leader contacted directly by a Missing From Home Incident Manager from Lancashire Police requesting advice.  They had a missing 76-year-old female in the Warton area. As the potential search area contained salt marsh & coastline it was suggested the Coastguard SAR could also assist. Team also responded and searched an extensive area of paths, woods & farmland. The Team stood down at 05:40 hrs with the missing person still outstanding and with preparations to return later to search new areas. At approx. 09:30 hrs the person was located by Police towards the centre of Blackpool, safe.  (35 Rescue Person Hours)

25. 6th August Search 08:30 hrs Blackburn. The Teams two dog handlers and dogs, with an additional two dogs & handlers from SARDA (LAKES) assisted Lancashire Police with a search in Blackburn area. (14 Rescue Person Hours)

24. 1st August Spot Pick-up 20:52 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Trough of Bowland. Lancashire Ambulance Service were having difficulty accessing a Mountain Biker who had fallen on one of the trails in Gisburn Forest. However, the Team stood down responding when if became apparent that access had been gained and the casualty had been recovered to the waiting ambulance.

23. 18th July Search 20:58 Hrs Llangefni, North Wales.  Team dog handlers and dogs, whilst on training in North Wales, were called by SARDA (WALES) to assist in a search for a missing 63-year-old male. The person was found, safe by SARDA (WALES). (4 Rescue Person Hours)

22. 15th July Spot Pick Up 14:47 Hrs Anglezarke. Team requested to assist NW Ambulance Service with a male with a dislocated knee in the Anglezarke area.  Casualty evacuated to waiting ambulance. (10 rescue person Hours)

21. 10th July Search 20:58 Hrs Blackpool. Team Leader contacted direct by a Missing From Home Incident Manager from Lancashire Police requesting advice. They had a missing 10-year-old male in the Blackpool area. Missing since 19:30 hrs and giving cause for concern. A quick look at the map revealed that the area around the missing persons home was mostly urban but close to the shore and near a golf course. Police advised to request Coastguard SAR to assist with search of the shoreline. It was decided to deploy the Teams Trailing dog unit to the persons home to try to determine a direction of travel whilst the Teams other search dog unit was tasked to the golf course (a relatively small area in MR terms). A Landrover and crew of four persons deployed to backup the dog units. Other Team members remained on standby should the incident escalate. Team stood down shortly after arrival when the missing boy was located, safe, on the promenade near the centre of Blackpool.      (24 Rescue Person Hours)

20. 8th July Spot Pick Up 10:31 hrs Fell Foot near Chipping. Team paged by North West Ambulance Service with a report of a crashed parapenter near Fell Foot. The male casualty had sustained a broken arm and the Team assisted with his evacuation to the waiting North West Air Ambulance.    (14 Rescue Person Hours)

S9. 5th July Standby Search 03:15 Hrs Abbeystead, Trough of Bowland. During incident 19 below Team Leader received a request to re-locate to another incident in the Abbeystead area. This incident considered a major priority with two adults in immediate danger. However, it was decided to remain on task at Rossall and we requested our colleagues in Rossendale Pendle MRT to assist ay Abbeystead. Team Leader of RPMRT in turn requested Bolton MRT to attend as well.  Both Teams however stood down soon after 06:00 hrs when missing couple located safe.

19. 5th July Search 00:44 Hrs Rossall Point, Fleetwood Request from Lancashire Police to search for a 10-year-old girl.  She had not returned home from visiting a friend the previous evening. Due to the Team having 20 members away on helicopter training at RAF Valley in Anglesey a request was made to Lancashire Police to turn out Coastguard SAR to cover the shoreline allowing us to concentrate on the golf course at Rossall.  Nothing found and team stood down at 05:00 hrs with the person outstanding.  (36 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script: Girl located at 09:00 hrs when returned home after spending night with relative!

18. 30th June Spot Pick Up 17:01 hrs Whitewell, Trough of Bowland. Team requested to assist NW Ambulance Service with a farm worker who had sustained chest injuries. Team assisted with evacuation of casualty into a land ambulance for a short journey to the waiting North West Air Ambulance.   (14 Rescue Person Hours)

17. 28th June Search 17:52 Hrs Poulton-le-Fylde. Request from Lancashire Police to search for an 82-year-old female described as high risk, vulnerable and giving cause for concern as possibly missing overnight. A search of woods and open ground near residential home person was missing from required.  Stood down shortly after first search teams were deployed as person was located in an open field towards Skippoll outside of immediate search areas. Team deployed 18 persons including two search dogs and a further search dog on route from the Cave Rescue Organisation in Yorkshire. Police helicopter assisting with the operation. (36 Rescue Person Hours)

16. 18th June Spot Pick Up 14:10 hrs Whins Brow, Trough of Bowland. Team paged by NW Ambulance Service with a report of a female collapsed at Whins Brow in the Trough of Bowland. Air Ambulance not available immediately. Team responded with 20 persons and 2 vehicles, initially approaching the scene from the both the road at Trough House  & the Brennand Valley. The patient was located on the Ouster Rake track, treated by Team members and paramedics from the North West Air Ambulance, which had arrived on scene.  Team then carried the casualty, up hill, some 400m to the waiting helicopter.   The person was then transported to the Royal Preston Hospital.   (40 Rescue Person Hours)

 This incident occurred in almost the same location as Incident 24 / 2008 & Incident 14 / 2006

15. 13th June Local Incident 12:00 hrs Chorley Town Centre. Whilst on a Street Collection in Chorley Town Centre a team member attended to a member of the public who had collapsed in a shop. A second team member assisted with medical equipment from one of our vehicles that was parked nearby. Both team members remained with the person and handed her over to NW Ambulance paramedics when they arrived.  (0.5 Rescue Person Hours)

14. 12th June Search 21:34 Hrs Ribbleton, Preston. Request from Lancashire Police to search for an 18-year-old male described as high risk and vulnerable. Search of woods and banks of River Ribble required. However, Team stood down on arrival as person located quite close to the Place Last Seen hiding in a van!  (17 Rescue Person Hours)

13. 6th June Search 11:40 Hrs Longsight Park, Bolton. The Teams SARDA search dog Floss and handler assisted Bolton MRT with a search for an 87 year old female in the Longsight park area of Bolton (5 Rescue Person Hours)

 Bolton MRT Incident 41 / 2009

12. 1st June Spot Pick Up 02:30 hrs Springs Woods, Skipton. A Team member assisted Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Team with a female who had collapsed and was lapsing into unconsciousness in woods near Skipton  (2 Rescue Person Hours

Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Team Incident 16 / 2009

11. 1st June Spot Pick Up 12:26 hrs The Snab, Aughton Request from the North West Air Ambulance for a Mountain Rescue Team with a Bell stretcher. It is unusual to get such a specific request but does illustrate the excellent inter agency working relationships that exist and the benefits of joint training exercises. A male, walking the Lune Valley Ramble had fallen and sustained a lower leg injury in woods near The Snab on the banks of the River Lune. This was some distance from where the Air Ambulance had landed. Team evacuated the injured person to the waiting Air Ambulance for onward transport to the Royal Lancashire Infirmary.   (15 Rescue Person Hours)

10. 29th May Rock Scrambling 13:41 hrs Crib y Ddysgl, Snowdonia. A Team member whilst out scrambling on Crib Goch / Crib y Ddysgl came across an incident where a 15-year-old female had fallen some 10 metres and sustained head & wrist injuries.  Team member requested a Sea King helicopter and support from the local MRT (Llanberis). Casualty winched from the ridge by Helicopter Rescue 122 from RAF Valley and evacuated to a hospital in Rhyl. Thanks to the 5 members of the public who assisted with this incident.  (2 Rescue Person Hours)

S8. 29th May Standby Search 12:01 Hrs Red Scar near Preston. Request to search for vulnerable male. Team brought to standby and Team Incident Controller attended the Police Incident Control. However, mobile phone cell sightings indicated person was in an urban area. There being no suitable area for us to search we stood down. (1 Rescue Person Hours)

9. 18th April Spot Pick Up 02:30 hrs Roeburndale, Trough of Bowland. Direct page to Team from NW Ambulance Service requesting one of Teams 4 x 4 Landrover Ambulances to escort paramedics to the camping barn in Roeburndale. A male camper had sustained a severe head injury. Landrover’s and a small support group of Team members duly dispatched to Roeburndale. However, on arrival it was determined that the injured person had been recovered on a local farmers quad bike & trailer. So all back to bed. (10 Rescue Person Hours)

8. 6th April Search 19:21 Hrs Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Second request of the year to search for a patient missing from a local hospital (see S5 below). This time at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Team Incident Controller immediately dispatched to hospital to liase with Police Search Manager and confirm that a thorough search of the hospital had been undertaken.  It was decided to dispatch Teams trailing dog unit to determine if person had left the building and ascertain a direction of travel. Due to the inclement weather full Team brought to standby and them paged to attend.  However, soon stood down when person found locked in a cupboard within the building! (25 Rescue Person Hours)

7. 22nd March Search 12:30 Hrs Brigsteer, Cumbria. Second request of the month from Kendal MSRT for our dog units to assist in a search. A missing elderly female was giving concern for her safety. Located, safe, quite close to her home.   (4 Rescue Person Hours)

Kendal MSRT Incident 13 / 2009

S7. 21st March Search 09:27 Hrs Whittingham, Goosnargh Area. Request from Lancashire Police to search for a vulnerable female missing since the previous evening. As contact was being made with Police Search Advisors and a plan of action determined the news came that the person and been located well out of potential search areas in the centre of Preston.

6. 17th March Search 10:10 Hrs Troutbeck Area, Windermere, Cumbria. Trailing dog Mij and handler assisted LAMRT with a search for a vulnerable male possibly about to self-harm.    (6 Rescue Person Hours)

Langdale Ambleside MRT incident 29 / 2009

5. 16th March Spot Pick Up 19:30 hrs Beacon Fell Country Park, Trough of Bowland. Team paged by Lancashire Police initially to search Beacon Fell for a missing depressed male.  As the Team was responding information was received that the person had been located some 300m from the visitor centre.  Person was able to walk off to waiting NW Ambulance. Police helicopter used in initial search. (15 Rescue Person Hours)

4. 10th March Search 18:15 Hrs Witherslack, Cumbria. Request from Kendal MSRT for our dog units to assist in a search for a missing 14 year old in the Witherslack area. Search dog Floss & trailing dog Mij and handlers dispatched. Missing youth located safe by Police some way outside initial search areas at Holme. (10 Rescue Person Hours)

Kendal MSRT Incident 12 / 2009

3 standby search callouts where the full Team did not deploy:

S6. 5th March Search 23:08 Hrs Warton / Freckleton Area. Request to search for missing male, described as vulnerable and high risk. Missing from a caravan park in Warton since early evening. Significant Police resource including dogs, support unit and helicopter had searched the area. In MR terms the identified search area was relatively small. It was decided to deploy our trailing dog unit to determine a direction of travel and clear a large drainage ditch in the area. However, as arrangements were being made news came that the missing person had been admitted to Blackpool Victoria Hospital some hours earlier having been found in a distressed state on the main A 584 road.

S5. 26th February Search 01:37 Hrs Royal Preston Hospital. Request from Lancashire Police to search the grounds of the Royal Preston Hospital for a male patient who was missing from one of the wards, last seen at approximately 19:30 hrs. Due to the relative small search area it was decided not to deploy as enough Police resource available. Person located soon after by Police investigation at the persons former address in Longridge.  

S4. 19th February Search 09:30 Hrs Red Scar, Longridge. Request to search for a missing vulnerable male in the Red Scar Woods area. Missing 36 – 48 hours.  Missing from the Moor Park area of Preston. Person had a previous history of going missing and being found well outside local area. It was felt that further investigation was required before a search could be mounted. Team Incident Controllers remained on standby pending further information. Team did not deploy as person located mid afternoon in Windermere having apparently walked there!

3. 5th February Search 02:30 hrs Great Langdale, Cumbria. Team Controllers paged with a request to assist Langdale Ambleside MRT with the continuing search for a missing fell walker in the Crinkle Crags / Bowfell area, Great Langdale. Team deployed at 07:00 hrs from our Garstang base to Ambleside. On arrival Team immediately tasked with searches of Crinkle & Hell’s Ghyll’s with some Team members acting as navigators / support for SARDA(Lakes) Dog handlers. Unfortunately, a man’s body was located by an RAF Sea King helicopter. Other Teams involved Keswick, Kendal, Duddon Furness & Wasdale MRT’s. (50 Rescue Person Hours)

Langdale Ambleside MRT incident 17 / 2009

S3. 1st February Spot Pick-Up 13:35 hrs Stronstrey Bank, Anglezarke. Team leader contacted direct by Team Leader of Bolton MRT. They had been paged by NWAS (Greater Manchester) with a report of a female with a leg injury some distance from the road at Anglezarke.  It was decided to deploy Bolton MRT as they had 15 persons just outside the area and  backed up by Bowland Pennine Team members from the local area. However, the NW Air Ambulance was able to locate the casualty and both Teams stood down.

Bolton MRT Incident 8 / 2009

S2.  14th January  Standby Bad Weather Cover 14:00 Hrs All of Team Area   With bad weather, high winds and snow expected in the next 12 – 24 hours a request was received from North West Ambulance Service (Lancashire) to provide support & backup services. Arrangements made for two of our Landrover’s to be available to assist if required. No incidents to report. 

S1. 5th  January Search 14:00 hrs Shevingtion. Request from Team Leader of Bolton MRT for Trailing Dog Unit to assist with a search in the Shevington Vale area of Standish for a missing female. Deployed at 17:00 hrs but stood down responding when the news that the missing person had been located.    

Bolton MRT Incident 5 / 2009

2. 4th January Search 04:00 Hrs Ashford-in-the Water, Peak District.  Teams trailing dog handler called with Buxton & Edale MRT’s and SARDA to search for a young man who had run off from police earlier in the evening when they had stopped the car he was travelling in. At around midnight he had called in at a local hotel wearing only his boxer shorts before disappearing into the night. Teams called as concerns for his safety grew given the cold nighttime temperature. After a couple of hours of searching he contacted family members who picked him up. He was checked out by a team doctor and sent to hospital by ambulance. 

Buxton MRT Incident 2 / 2009

1. 1st January Spot Pick-Up 14:32 hrs Rydal Cave, Rydal, Cumbria.  Two Team members assisted Langdale Ambleside MRT with a male teenager who had dislocated his knee.   (2 Rescue Person Hours)

Langdale Ambleside MRT Incident 1 / 2009