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 2017 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

'S' Numbers indicate a Standby  and 'D' indicates our SARDA Dog Unit only was used. 

14. Friday 24th February. Spot Pick-up. 17:00 Hrs. Jenny Brown’s Point, Silverdale, North Lancashire. Team requested to assist the North West Ambulance service with a casualty in a difficult position at Jenny Brown’s Point, Silverdale. Stood down on route, as the North West Air Ambulance had been able to land close by and, with the help of Coastguard SAR, were able to extract the casualty. Seventeen Team members responding to this incident. (17 Rescue Person Hours )

13. Thursday 23rd February. Search. 09:00 Hrs. Leyland Area. Team requested to assist with the search for a male, missing from home in the Leyland area. Search of the River Lostock, woods and open ground undertaken in difficult conditions as Storm Doris swept through. Team stood down at 15:15 Hrs with our allocated tasks completed. Nothing found. Eighteen Team members attending this incident supported by members of Bolton MRT. (112 Rescue Person Hours)

Postscript. Unfortunately we have been informed that the body of the missing person has been located. Our thoughts and sympathies are extended to family and friends of the missing person at this time.

S5. Sunday 19th February. Stand-by Search. 15:47 Hrs. Angelzarke, West Pennine Moors. As the Team was returning from Incident 12 another request was made from Lancashire Police, via Bolton MRT, to assist with a vulnerable missing person reported as on Angelzarke Moor. However, on contacting the Force Incident Manager and with new information available it was decide that the missing person was not on the moors. Neither Team deployed.

12. Sunday 19th February. Search. 10:42 Hrs. Duxbury Area near Chorley. Request from Lancashire Police to join the developing search for a 16-year-old male, missing overnight, and giving cause for concern as to his safety. Search of woods and open ground near Duxbury Golf Club and along the River Yarrow required. Team stood down at 14:40 Hrs when it was reported that the young person had been located, outside search areas and was safe. 28 Team members attending. Other MR resources involved included Bolton MRT (11 persons including Trailing Dog team) and a search dog and handler from SARDA(Isle of Man) who were in the North West on a training exercise. Non-MR assets included Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service Urban Search & Rescue Team plus their drone. (140 Rescue Person Hours)

11. Friday 17th February. Spot Pick-Up / Search 16:54 Hrs. Grizedale Valley near Garstang. Team received a request from the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a female fallen in the Grizedale Valley area near Nicky Nook. Exact location unknown and unable to re-contact the casualty. Team responded with Team members searching the tracks from Grizedale Bridge to Nicky Nook with Land Rovers driving the valley tracks in fading light. Other Team members at our vehicle base in Garstang ready to respond with our Control vehicle should the incident develop into a more formal search. Team stood down when it was reported a local farmer had transported the casualty to her car and she was making her own way to hospital. 27 Team members responding to this incident. (35 Rescue Person Hours)

10. Tuesday 14th February. Spot Pick-Up. 16:30 Hrs. Duxbury Area near Chorley. North West Ambulance Service requested assistance with a male, collapsed, in a difficult to access location near Duxbury Woods in Chorley. Casualty reported to have suffered a seizure. Team stood down on arrival at scene with the casualty already in the Land Ambulance. Nineteen Team members responding to this incident with two of our 4 x 4 Land Rover Ambulances. (30 Rescue Person Hours)

S4. Sunday 29th January. Search. 19:03 Hrs. Chorley Area. Further request for use of Trailing Dog Team. Lancashire Police dealing with a serious incident in Chorley. A barn had caught fire and unfortunately, a youngster was missing. A Trailing Dog and handler from SARDA(Wales) (based with the ALSAR Cheshire SAR Team) was deployed. Sadly, Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service located the missing person, deceased, within the barn the following day. Our thoughts and sympathies are extended to the young person’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

9. Saturday 28th January. Spot Pick-Up. 12:23 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. Team requested to assist with a 36-year-old male mountain biker rider in Gisburn Forest. Reported as having sustained a hip injury and in some pain having fallen from his bike. Team was already in the Bowland area on exercise and was able to dispatch three Land Rover Ambulances immediately with 10 person arriving on-scene within twenty minutes. The North West Air Ambulance had landed near The Hub at Stephen Park. A paramedic from the Air Ambulance was transported to the incident site in one of our Landrover’s. The incident was a few 100m from the location of Incident 5 at the bottom of the Hope Line. The casualty was treated by Team members then packaged onto a mountain rescue stretcher and carried to one of our Landrover Ambulances, which was then driven to The Hub and the waiting Air Ambulance. One Team member, who is also a paramedic, accompanying the casualty on the flight to the Royal Preston Hospital. (20 Rescue Person Hours)

S3. Saturday 28th January. Advice. Lancaster. Team Leader again contacted direct by Lancashire Police (see S1 below). They had an ongoing search for a missing person in Lancaster and were requesting the Team to attempt a SAR Loc. A SAR Loc text was duly sent but there was no response. (1 Rescue Person hour)

8. Friday 27th January. Spot Pick-up. 10:58 Hrs. Parlick Pike near Chipping. Team contacted by the North West Ambulance Service with a report that a male from a group of walkers had collapsed near Parlick. Team responded with 10 persons and two of our Land Rover Ambulances but we were soon stood down on route when it was reported that following a rest the casualty had recovered and the group were making their own way down. (10 Rescue Person Hours)

7. Wednesday 25th January. Spot Pickup. 18:14 Hrs. Newburgh, West Lancashire. Team contacted by the North West Ambulance Service. They were having difficulty accessing a remote cottage due to a low bridge where an elderly female had suffered chest pains. Team responded with three of our Land Rover Ambulances but we were stood down on arrival when we were informed that the female had passed away. The Team extends its thoughts and sympathies to the family and friends of the lady at this sad time. (xx Rescue Person Hours)

S2. Tuesday 24th January. Standby Search. 11:12 Hrs. Blackpool. Request from Lancashire Police to assist with the ongoing search for a high-risk missing person in the Blackpool area, missing for some 4 days. Request was to see if Trailing Dog Team could assist. Police put in contact with dog handler (a member of Bolton MRT) but the dog team was not used (1 Rescue Person Hour)

6. Sunday 22nd January. Search. 23:45 Hrs. Lancaster. The Team was contacted by Lancashire Police with a request to assist with an urgent missing person search for a vulnerable male, with a medical condition in Lancaster. Initial request was to search the Lancaster Canal northwards & the banks of the River Lune towards Halton. Team Leader with one of our Incident Controllers attending Lancaster Police Station to obtain further details with the rest of the Team preparing vehicles and water equipment at our Garstang & Penwortham bases. Page sent to Team to RV at 01:00 Hrs near Halton. However, a change of RV was soon sent out diverting the Team to Williamson Park. On arrival at the Police Station, the Team Leader had been briefed that the Park needed to be searched. The missing person had previously been located in this area. At Approx. 02:15 Hrs the search was stood down as the missing person had been located, safe, outside of search areas. Other assets assisting with this incident included National Police Air Service helicopter and Fire & Rescue Service drone (42 Rescue Person Hours)

S1. Sunday 22nd January. Advice. Team Leader contacted direct by Lancashire Police. They had an ongoing search for a missing person and were requesting the Team to attempt a SAR Loc. SAR Loc is used by MRTs to send an SMS text message to a missing person and if they choose to reply their location shows up on our mapping systems. A SAR Loc text was duly sent but there was no response. (1 Rescue Person hour)

Over the weekend of Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd January, the Team played host to Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team (CVSRT) at our Smelt Mill Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland. CVSRT were completing final assessments for their latest batch of probationers who were coming to the end of a yearlong training programme. On Friday evening, the five trainees were dropped off on the Salter Fell Track (Hornby Road) in the east of Bowland encountering a number of surprise exercise incidents on their walk into Smelt Mill. On Saturday, we set up a number of exercises for the CVSRT probationers including a search of Langden Beck and a number of incidents in Gisburn Forest. Well done to all five completing their training and becoming full Team members of CVSRT. The following real incidents added to the mix:

5. Saturday 21st January. Spot Pick-Up. 14:35 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. Having just completed the planned exercise with CVSRT and as we were sorting out kit BPMRT Team member pagers received messages from NWAS requesting assistance with a mountain biker. Reported as fallen with a severe head injury on the Hope Line. We were some 500m from this location and were with the casualty within 5 minutes. The North West Air Ambulance also arrived and we were able to secure a safe landing site. The casualty was treated and carried by both Teams to the waiting Air Ambulance some 100m away. The location of the casualty was initially reported as on the Hope Line but was a short distance away. A precautionary search of the Hope Line was undertaken just in case there was a second casualty. (37.5 Rescue Person Hours)

4. Saturday 21st January. Spot Pick-Up. 11:15 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. A Team Landrover with four persons on board had just entered the forest at Tosside to set up an exercise for CVSRT when it was flagged down by three mountain bikers. One of their number was having difficulty riding his bike and appeared to have a broken arm / dislocated shoulder. He was treated by the Team members and his bike was placed on the roof rack of the Landrover and then transported to his car at Cocklett Hill. (4 Rescue Person Hours)

3. Tuesday 17th January. Spot Pick-Up. 15:31 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. Team requested to assist with a male mountain biker in Gisburn Forest. Reported as fallen from his bike with a hip injury near the bottom section of the "Hope Line". The Team treated the casualty and evacuated him to one of our Landrover Ambulances. He was then transported on the Landrover to meet up with an NWAS Land Ambulance at Tosside. 16 Team members involved with this incident with three of our Landrover Ambulances attending. (48 Rescue Person Hours)

2. Thursday 12th January. Major Incident. 19:16 Hrs. East Coast, North Yorkshire. Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team sent out a request for support to all Mid Pennine Search & Rescue Teams. They had been contacted by Scarborough & Ryedale MRT requesting Water Rescue assets as a storm surge was expected on the East Coast between Scotland and Essex. The storm surge being caused by a combination of high tides and strong winds. High tides expected at 06:00 Hrs & 18:00 Hrs the following day. After consultation between Team Leaders, it was decided to send 6 Swiftwater Rescue Technicians (SRT’s) with support persons, a rescue boat & sled plus a number of vehicles. Requirement was to be on scene at Scarborough Fire Station by 02:00 Hrs. Bowland Pennine contribution to this Regional effort was 2 SRT’s plus one of our Landrover Ambulances and driver joining similar assets from Calder & Bolton Teams. They left our Garstang vehicle base for Scarborough at 23:30 Hrs. Duties included patrolling the sea front at Scarborough and ensuring no members of the public strayed into the danger area. Luckily, due to a change of wind direction the storm surge all down the coast was not as severe as expected. The sea did breech onto the promenade reaching the first row of houses and shops with a lot of street furniture including concrete bins and benches being thrown around. Team returned to Garstang at 21:30 Hrs on Friday. Thanks to those who fed our Team and to the RNLI for a tour of their base and brand new Lifeboat between the tides. Swaledale MRT also supporting Scarborough & Ryedale Team in Whitby. (66 Rescue Person Hours deployment with about 20 Rescue Person Hours support in Lancashire)

1. Thursday 5th January. Spot Pick-up. Other MRT Assist. 11:13 Hrs Rivington Pike, West Pennine Moors. Team Incident Controllers contacted directly by Bolton Mountain Rescue Team requesting additional resources. They were dealing with a 70-year-old female who had fainted and collapsed on Rivington Pike. Eight Team members responding with one of our Landrover Ambulances. Team stood down on route when it was determined that Bolton MRT had assisted the female to a helicopter from the North West Air Ambulance Service. (6.5 Rescue Person Hours)