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 2019 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales


15. Sunday 5th May. Spot Pick-Up. 17:04 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. Our second visit to Gisburn Forest of the May Bank Holiday weekend. This time to the "Leap of Faith". The North West Ambulance Service requested assistance with a 17-year-old male mountain biker. Reported as fallen from his bike with facial, back and spinal injuries. The North West Air Ambulance was also called to this incident and NWAS paramedics were with the casualty when the Team arrived. As the incident was very close to the forest track it was only a short carry to the Land Ambulance. Three of our Landrover Ambulances deploying on this incident with sixteen Team members. (44 Rescue Person Hours).

14. Saturday 4th May. Spot Pick-Up. 11:49 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. Request from the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a 58-year-old female mountain biker. Reported as fallen from bike with leg / ankle injuries. This incident located on "Swoopy". As the Team was on a fund raising street collection event in Chorley one Land Rover Ambulance was deployed within two minutes of this call out. Ankle injury was treated and the casualty was carried some 300m to the waiting Land Ambulance for the onward journey to the Royal Blackburn Hospital. The North West Air Ambulance also in attendance but not used to transport the casualty. Three of our Landrover Ambulances deploying to this incident with thirteen Team members. (48 Rescue Person Hours).

13. Monday 22nd April. Spot Pick-Up. 18:05 Hrs. Crook o’Lune, near Lancaster. Team requested by the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a 27-year-old female who had jumped into the River Lune near the weir about 1 Km upstream from the picnic site at the Crook o’Lune. Reported with back injuries. Casualty had been attempting to save her dog which had been dragged towards the weir. First Team members on scene were able to assist the North West Ambulance Service Paramedics with treatment of the casualty who was kept warm using a "blizzard blanket". We were able to access the river bank and drive across fields to the casualty. Due to the possible back injuries the casualty was immobilised using a full body vacuum splint, placed on a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher, carried the short distance to the waiting vehicle and transported to the waiting Land Ambulance at the picnic site. Eighteen Team members responding to this rescue. The dog got itself out of the river and was safe. (43.5 Rescue Person Hours)

12. Sunday 21st April. Spot Pick-Up. 11:31 Hrs. Marshaw, Bowland . Team requested by the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a female, aged sixty, fallen down a river bank, into water at Abbeystead. After some initially confusion of the location of the incident it was soon determined that is was at Marshaw near Tower Lodge. First Team members on scene, assisted by Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service who rigged a ladder, quickly extracted the casualty to the waiting Land Ambulance for transport to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. North West Air Ambulance also in attendance. Fifteen Team members involved in this incident. (26 Rescue Person Hours)

11. Thursday 11th April. Spot Pick-Up. 14:29 Hrs. Darwen Moor. Team requested by the Bolton MRT for assistance. They had been called to an incident on Darwen Moor where a male had collapsed. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of those with him and the emergency services the man sadly passed away. Team transporting the casualty’s friends off the hill with Bolton MRT recovering the casualty. Twelve Team members responded to this incident with two of our Land Rover Ambulance. The North West Air Ambulance also attending. Our condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of the man involved. (20 Rescue Person Hours)

S5. Sunday 7th April. Request for Assistance. 13:43 Hrs. Botany Bay, Chorley. Team received a request from the North West Ambulance Service to recover a mobility scooter from the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Botany Bay near Chorley. As the occupant had already been recovered to the towpath and was safe the request was declined.

10. Sunday 24th March. RTC. 13:45 Hrs. Slaidburn, Bowland. A Team member, returning from an exercise with Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England in Gisburn Forest, assisted the crew of the North West Air Ambulance at a Road Traffic Collision near Slaidburn involving a 24-year-old male. Team member helped with the treatment of the Casualty and packaged onto the aircraft. This allowed a Land Ambulance to be stood down on route and be deployed elsewhere. (1 Rescue Person Hour)

S4. Saturday 16th March. Standby – Water Incident. 15:31Hrs. Calder Valley Area. A regional request was made by Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team for support in their area with flooding. Assets declared by Bolton MRT, Rossendale & Pendle MRT, Holme Valley MRT and ourselves. One Swift Water Rescue Team made available with two of our vehicles. Teams stood down at 18:36 hrs as not required when we were informed by Calder Valley SRT that water levels were receding. Thirteen Team members available. (40 Rescue Person Hours)

9. Tuesday 12th March. Spot Pick-Up. 20:09 Hrs. White Coppice near Chorley. Team requested by the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a female fell runner fallen on the West Pennine Moors above White Coppice. Call initially sent to Bolton MRT. Incident reported as "one mile up track". However, first Team members located the casualty only a few hundred meters up the track towards Great Hill. Casualty treated for lower leg, femur and hip injuries then evacuated off the hill to the waiting land ambulance and the onward journey to the Royal Preston Hospital. Twenty-Four Team members involved with support from three members of Bolton MRT. (81 Rescue Person Hours)

S3. Sunday 10th March. Standby Search. 15:12 Hrs. Blaze Moss, Dunsop Bridge. Team Incident Controllers contacted by Lancashire Police with a report of a missing person in the Trough of Bowland. Potentially in trouble. Attempts made to use the MR PhoneFind system to locate the person but these were not successful. It was decided to remain on standby pending further information but the Team was not required. Seven Team Incident Controllers available. (5.5 Rescue Person Hours)

Sunday 1st March. Spot Pick-Up. 21:49 Hrs. Clitheroe. Team contacted by NWAS to assist an Ambulance crew at a caravan park near Clitheroe. Incident immediately passed to Rossendale & Pendle MRT as not our operational area.

8. Saturday 23rd February. Spot Pick-Up. 15:07 Hrs. Grize Dale near Scorton. North West Ambulance Service requesting assistance with a 29-year-old male who had fallen and sustained a very painful and serious fracture of his upper leg in the Grize Dale valley to the south of Nicky Nook. North West Air Ambulance also deployed which landed at the end of the valley at Peddar’s Wood. Casualty was treated at the scene and loaded on to one of our Land Rovers for transport down the valley to the waiting helicopter. He was transferred to the aircraft for the onward journey to the Royal Preston Hospital. During this incident, we were also alerted to a 6-year-old boy who had fallen and sustained a head injury. This was bandaged and he was walked, with Mum, off the hill. Thanks to the pilot of the Air Ambulance who gave the youngster a tour of the helicopter, which no doubt cheered him up. Eighteen Team members involved (43 Rescue Person Hours)

S2. Tuesday 19th February. Standby Search. 18:48 Hrs. Clitheroe. Lancashire Police contacted the Team, initially for advice and to discuss a possible deployment in the search for a vulnerable male. Potential search areas included the River Ribble and a lot of farmland. Trailing Search Dog Team from Cheshire SAR requested to respond. As the search areas were within the operational areas of Rossendale & Pendle Team and ours both Teams brought to standby. Twenty four Team members available with a further fifteen from RPMRT. Both Teams providing six swift water trained personnel each. As initial elements of both Teams were about to respond the missing person was located, safe by Police officers. Teams stood down as not required. (2 Rescue Person Hours)

7. Sunday 3rd February. Search. 15:24 Hrs. Bleasdale Fells, Bowland. Team requested by Lancashire Police to locate two walkers, a father and son, lost on the Bowland Fells. Conditions not good with snow and ice and mist as low as Fell Foot forcing the Police Helicopter that had also been deployed to turn back. Team able to contact missing persons by phone and from descriptions of their surroundings it appeared they were in the Fiendsdale Head / Holme House Fell area but possibly on Saddle Fell. Attempts made to locate the missing persons using the SARCall PhoneFind system but these unsuccessful. Both persons still moving with the older one complaining of being cold. Our Control vehicle was set up at Fell Foot. Search parties deployed in failing light to Fiendsdale Head from Hazelhurst, to Fair Snape Fell and onto "1707" from Higher Fair Snape Farm, up Parlick from Fell Foot and two further parties into the area from Saddle End Farm and Blindhurst. The missing persons were located at 17:24 Hrs near "1707". They were given a quick check over and walked down towards Saddle Fell Farm. We were able to meet them on the way down with one of our Team vehicles. Everyone was safely off the hill by 18:30 Hrs. Coastguard helicopter placed on standby to assist if required. Thirty four Team members responding. (166 Person Hours)

Post Script. Just a gentle reminder to carry some extra clothing and food. It does go dark earlier in the winter months so a torch is always useful should your walk take a little longer. If you do get into trouble, a whistle helps to attract attention especially in poor visibility.

"1707"? From the above Incident, some readers may be asking where this is. Can’t see it on the OS Map. It is the spot height / Cairn at SD 5973 4729 height 520m. The Team formed in 1963 and all map measurements were in feet then and not metres as they are now. "1707" just stuck with us and this is passed on to new trainees each year.

6. Saturday 2nd February. Spot Pick-Up. 16:19 Hrs. Warton near Carnforth. North West Ambulance Service requesting assistance with a male who had fallen over a stile in a drystone wall with a very steep drop on the other side. Casualty reported as broken his leg. Leg had been splinted by the Ambulance crew and he was already on a scoop stretcher when the Team arrived. Team was able to quickly lift the casualty back over the wall straight onto the ambulance stretcher. Must be the shortest carry in the Team’s history - all of 3 metres – but would have been very tricky for the Ambulance crew. Eleven Team members responding with two Land Rover’s that were stood down on route. (14 Rescue Person Hours)

5. Wednesday 30rd January. Spot Pick-Up. 15:52 Hrs. Scorton near Garstang. As the Team was returning to our Penwortham and Garstang Vehicle Bases from Incident 4 we received a request from the North West Ambulance Service to help with a 17-year-old female who had been out sledging and fallen. Reported with hip, leg and back injuries. Team immediately respond with vehicles going direct to the RV. Casualty treated for her pain and leg splinted then placed in a full vacuum body split. She was then stretched to the waiting Land Ambulance some 200m away. Fourteen Team members responding. (30 Rescue Person Hours)

4. Wednesday 30th January. Search. 08:22 Hrs. Banks, West Lancashire. Team requested to assist Lancashire Police with the urgent search for a vulnerable 81-year-old male who had gone for a walk on Banks Marsh at about 06:30 Hrs. A multi-agency response with a large number of search areas identified. The missing person reported as having extensive knowledge of the area having lived there all his life. Team concentrating on the inland areas. Sadly, in the early afternoon a body was located quite close to his home. Twenty two Team members responding to this incident with three Land Rover’s and Control Vehicle. We also deployed two SARDA (England) search dogs from Calder Valley Team and the Cave Rescue Organisation. Other resources involved included Police - Search Managers, Search Team, NPAS Helicopter and Under Water Search Unit, Lancashire Fire Service - Drone, Control Unit and Urban Search & Rescue Team including search dog. Units from Coastguard SAR and Southport Lifeboat Team also attending who concentrated their efforts on the marsh area. The Team extends thoughts and sympathies to family and friends of the missing person at this very sad time. (157 Rescue Person Hours)

S1. Monday 28th January. Standby Search / Advice. 16:00 Hrs. Ormskirk. Request from Police for a trailing dog to assist with the developing search for a missing 62-year-old male in the Ormskirk area. Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader arranged for a trailing search dog from the Cheshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team to attend. A number of trails indicated with the Dog Team standing down around midnight. Request from Police to search a small wooded area received the next day but it was decided not to deploy. (1.3 Rescue Person Hours)

3. Wednesday 23rd January. Spot Pick-Up. 17:35 Hrs. Beacon Country Park near Up Holland, West Lancashire. Team called by the North West Ambulance Service to assist a 19-yer-old female who had fallen over a wall and dislocated her knee. Reported as in a lot of pain and in a difficult location down a very icy path some way from the road head. Treated for the pain and evacuated on a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher. Twenty Team members involved. (52 Rescue Person Hours)

2. Sunday 13th January. Search. 18:55 Hrs. Clougha Pike, Bowland. Team Incident Controllers contacted by Lancashire Police with a report of a fell runner, two 2 hours overdue, on run to Clougha Pike. Team Leader on contacting the Police immediately requesting the full Team to RV at Rigg Lane car park. As the Police were briefing the Team Leader and with other Team members arriving, the fell runner returned to the car park, safe with no injuries. He had taken a different route around to Ward’s Stone which had taken him near Caton, realising his mistake he made his way back to his car. Twenty Two Team members responding to this incident. (24 Rescue Person Hours)

1. Monday 1st January. RTC. 15:00 Hrs. Trough of Bowland. Alerted by a passer-by, Team members based at our Smelt Mill Headquarters in the Tough of Bowland for the New Year attended a Road Traffic Collision on the Trough Road. A small van had gone off the road and was in a difficult position. With the help of one of our Landrover’s and a vehicle from Sykes Farm the van was righted and still managed to drive away, luckily no persons injured. Five Team members involved (2 Rescue Person Hours)