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Latest Call Outs, Incidents & Other Events. Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

9. 1st April . Body Recovery. 20:29 Hrs Wiswell Moor Quarry, Whalley, East Lancashire, Team requested assist Rossendale & Pendle MRT in the recovery of the body of a male that had been discovered at Wiswell Moor Quarry near Whalley Golf Club. Members of RPMRT were already committed to two other incidents so we were asked to provide support. Body recovered using our new 4 x 4 Landrover. The Teams thoughts and sympathies are extended to the missing person’s family and friends. (30 Rescue Person Hours)

S5. 26th March. Search Advice. 13:35 Hrs. River Ribble, Preston. Team Incident Controllers contacted by Lancashire Police regarding a missing male from the Preston area. Missing for some days. Police Underwater Unit and other Officers were searching the banks of the River Ribble and the Coastguard had been informed. After assessing the very limited information available and confirming that all the obvious areas (local parks, woods etc) were being covered by Police resources it was decided not to deploy at this time.

8. 25th March. Spot Pick-up. 13:40 Hrs Dunsop Head, Whitendale, Bowland. Team requested to attend a female with a suspected broken / upper arm injury after falling on the slippery boardwalk across Dunsop Head. Team stood down on arrival. The casualty was evacuated by the North West Air Ambulance that had also arrived at the same time as we did. 13 team members attending this incident with two of our 4 x 4 Landrovers. (18 Rescue Person Hours)

S4. 24th March. Search Advice. 15:45 Hrs. Ormskirk, West Lancashire. The Team was requested by Lancashire Police as to the availability of a scent discrimination trailing search dog to assist in the search for a missing female, aged 38. Person had been missing for some 3+ days but car only just located. Team Leader arranged for the dog handler, from Bolton MRT / SARDA(Wales) to speak with the police officer in charge of the incident. Due to the location of the car and age on any trail it was decide not to deploy.

Postscript: We understand that shortly afterwards the body of the missing female was located by Police Officers. Our thoughts and sympathies are extended to the missing persons family.

7. 21st March. Spot Pick-up. 16:09 Hrs Near Pimms, Anglezarke Moor. Team Leader contacted direct by a Team member who was out with a group on a Duke of Edinburgh Award training day. A female member of the group, aged 16, had sustained a knee injury and they were unable to walk her off the hill. Incident location was just north of Pimms on the track about 750m from the A675 at Piccadilly. Team members escorted NWAS paramedics to the scene from the road and an air ambulance from the North West Air Ambulance also arrived. The casualty was then carried the short distance by Team members to the waiting helicopter, Helimed 75, for the onward journey to Blackburn Hospital. 10 Team members and one 4 x 4 Landrover ambulance attending this incident with others on standby should they be required at our Garstang base. (16 Rescue Person Hours)


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