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Latest Call Outs, Incidents & Other Events. Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

47. 23rd November. Search. 15:21 Hrs West Bradford near Clitheroe. A 42-year-old male had been missing for over 48 hours but his car had only just been located near a remote farm at West Bradford near Clitheroe. Lancashire Police requested we assist with the ongoing search. A full Team page was put out at 16:00 Hrs for the Team to RV at the Eaves Hall Hotel where we located our Incident Control. Over the next few hours in atrocious weather conditions of very heavy rain and low visibility an extensive search of the area around the missing persons car was undertaken. This included fell tracks, moorland, field boundaries, woods and open farmland. The Team stood down at 23:15 Hrs when the person was located, safe, well out of search areas at a fast food restaurant in Preston! 28 Team members involved in this search. We were also assisted by the Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA). This was in the form of two air scenting dogs and handlers from SARDA (England). These are members of the Cave Rescue Organisation and Rossendale & Pendle MRT. A trailing scent specific dog, handler and navigator from SARDA(Wales) also attending. These are members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team (192 Rescue Person Hours)

46. 20th November. Search. 04:27 Hrs. The Beacon, Skelmersdale. Team Incident Controllers paged in the early hours by Lancashire Police. They had concern for a vulnerable male, missing since the previous day but his car had just been located at 04:00 Hrs in the wooded area of The Beacon Country Park near Skelmersdale. The full Team was called at 06:40 Hrs with an RV at The Beacon for 08:00 Hrs. Extensive searches of fields, woods and a golf course were undertaken and a number of artefacts related to the missing person were located. However, at 12:30 Hrs the Team stood down with all identified tasks, including researching of some areas, completed but with the missing person still outstanding. (60+ Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script: We were informed later that evening that the missing person had been located, safe and out of search areas, having presented at a Health Centre in Skelmersdale

45. 15th November. Bad Weather Cover. 12:01 Hrs. Clitheroe. Team Incident Controllers were contacted by the Team Leader of Rossendale & Pendle MRT. They were providing support for the North West Ambulance Service at Clitheroe and Sawley where very high levels of water on the River Ribble were being experienced following further heavy rain overnight. It was felt that some evacuations of people from properties may be required. The Team deployed one Landrover Ambulance and a minibus with five persons to provide support. One Team Controller co-ordinating throughout the incident. At 16:46 Hrs the Team stood down as water levels had receded. (28 Rescue Person Hours)


Langden Castle in the heart of our area.



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