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Bowland Pennine MRT would like to thank GP Batteries for sponsoring the Team’s battery needs. They are used in search lights, GPS units and diagnostic medical equipment. They can offer any visitors to their website GP Batteries at a special discount buying on line direct from their retail supplier Budget Batteries. Click on the logo to take you to the site.

Latest Call Outs, Incidents & Other Events. Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

44. Saturday 19th November. Spot Pick-Up. 13:00 Hrs. High Bullough Reservoir, West Pennine Moors. Team contacted by Incident Controller from Bolton MRT. The North West Ambulance Service were unable to reach a casulaty reported as collapsed. Initially it was unclear where the casualty was – Yarrow Reservoir, Anglezarke Reservoir, High Bullough Reservoir? However, Bolton MRT were able to SARLoc the informant and the response on our mapping software indicated High Bullough Reservoir. Team responded to assist BMRT. However at 13:20 Hrs the Team stood down as one of BMRT’s vehicles had been able to access the area and met up with the casualty who was walking off and was safe.

43. Sunday 13th November. Spot Pick-Up. 12:22 Hrs. White Coppice, West Pennine Moors. North West Ambulance requested the Team assist with a 35-year-old female. Reported as fallen sustaining a broken ankle, lower leg injury in the quarries to the east of White Coppice. Casualty, who had been out fell running, was quickly located and wrapped in a casualty bag. She was then stretched out of the quarries and down to the waiting land ambulance at the White Coppice Cricket Club. 16 Team members responding to this incident. (20 Rescue Person Hours)

S14. Thursday 10th November. Standby Search. 22:03 Hrs. Whittle-le-Woods. Request from Lancashire Constabulary to help with the developing search for a missing 81-year-old female in the Whittle-le-Woods area. Missing since about 18:00 Hrs with her health giving case for concern. Request was for the Trailing Dog and handler (from Bolton MRT) to attend but they were not available. Team remained available but were not required for the search.

42. Wednesday 2nd November. Spot Pick-Up. 16:13 Hrs. Brinscall near Chorley. Report from the North West Ambulance Service of a 48-year-old male with a broken leg in Brinscall Woods to the east of Chorley. Casualty was not at position reported but was soon located a short distance away near a reservoir some 250 meters from the nearest road access. Pain killing gas was administered and the leg splinted by the Team. This was followed by a carry of the casualty on a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher across a small river and a fence to the waiting land ambulance. 16 Team members involved in this incident. (24 Rescue Person Hours)


Langden Castle in the heart of our area.



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