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Bowland Pennine MRT would like to thank GP Batteries for sponsoring the Team’s battery needs. They are used in search lights, GPS units and diagnostic medical equipment. They can offer any visitors to their website GP Batteries at a special discount buying on line direct from their retail supplier Budget Batteries. Click on the logo to take you to the site.

Latest Call Outs, Incidents & Other Events. Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales


14. Friday 24th February. Spot Pick-up. 17:00 Hrs. Jenny Brown’s Point, Silverdale, North Lancashire. Team requested to assist the North West Ambulance service with a casualty in a difficult position at Jenny Brown’s Point, Silverdale. Stood down on route, as the North West Air Ambulance had been able to land close by and, with the help of Coastguard SAR, were able to extract the casualty. Seventeen Team members responding to this incident. (17 Rescue Person Hours )

13. Thursday 23rd February. Search. 09:00 Hrs. Leyland Area. Team requested to assist with the search for a male, missing from home in the Leyland area. Search of the River Lostock, woods and open ground undertaken in difficult conditions as Storm Doris swept through. Team stood down at 15:15 Hrs with our allocated tasks completed. Nothing found. Eighteen Team members attending this incident supported by members of Bolton MRT. (112 Rescue Person Hours)

Postscript. Unfortunately we have been informed that the body of the missing person has been located. Our thoughts and sympathies are extended to family and friends of the missing person at this time.

S5. Sunday 19th February. Stand-by Search. 15:47 Hrs. Angelzarke, West Pennine Moors. As the Team was returning from Incident 12 another request was made from Lancashire Police, via Bolton MRT, to assist with a vulnerable missing person reported as on Angelzarke Moor. However, on contacting the Force Incident Manager and with new information available it was decide that the missing person was not on the moors. Neither Team deployed.

12. Sunday 19th February. Search. 10:42 Hrs. Duxbury Area near Chorley. Request from Lancashire Police to join the developing search for a 16-year-old male, missing overnight, and giving cause for concern as to his safety. Search of woods and open ground near Duxbury Golf Club and along the River Yarrow required. Team stood down at 14:40 Hrs when it was reported that the young person had been located, outside search areas and was safe. 28 Team members attending. Other MR resources involved included Bolton MRT (11 persons including Trailing Dog team) and a search dog and handler from SARDA(Isle of Man) who were in the North West on a training exercise. Non-MR assets included Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service Urban Search & Rescue Team plus their drone. (140 Rescue Person Hours)


Langden Castle in the heart of our area.



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