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Latest Call Outs, Incidents & Other Events. Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

37. Thursday 7th June. Search. 00:26 Hrs. Warton Crag, Carnforth. An early morning call from Lancashire Police to assist with the search for a vulnerable male, aged 34, missing in the Carnforth area and last seen at 18:30 Hrs the previous day. A number of areas where the missing person likes to visit had been identified and the Team was requested to search the Warton Crag area. A search of the main Quarry, principle crags and footpaths on Warton Crag was undertaken in very poor conditions of torrential rain. Team stood down at 06:30 Hrs with the person still outstanding. Other agencies looking at searches around the River Keer. Ten Team members attending with two of our Landrover Ambulances and Control vehicle. (86 Rescue Person Hours)

Postscript: The missing person was located, cold but safe, by Police officers just before midday

36. Monday 5th June. Search. 18:54 Hrs. Fair Snape Fell & Langden Valley, Bowland. Lancashire Police contacted by a walker who had become separated from a friend between Parlick & Fair Snape Fell on the Bleasdale Fells. Walker was in his tent near the summit of Fair Snape with the other walker expected to continue to" the Castle". Weather conditions very poor with torrential rain, cloud base at 350m and poor visibility on the tops. Police requested Team to locate and recover both persons. SARLoc attempted but no position indicated on our mapping systems. It was decided to send a small group to the summit of Fair Snape via Higher Fair Snape farm to locate the informant and determine their exact route. These Team members supported by our Control vehicle placed on Beacon Fell and one of our Landrover Ambulances. The rest of the Team was sent to our Smelt Mill Headquarters to undertake an immediate search of the Langden Valley including Langden Castle to Fiendsdale Head. We then received a message that the person on Fair Snape had had enough and was walking down. He was met at Fell Foot. It was unclear which route they were taking to Langden Castle so preparations made to search from Fell Foot to Fiendsdale Head plus Bleawater. Just as fell parties were about to leave Fell Foot & Smelt Mill news received that the second person had been located, safe, in Langden Castle by Team members in our first responding vehicle. 27 Team members attending or available. (110 Rescue Person Hours)

35. Saturday 3rd June. Spot Pick-Up. 19:11 Hrs. Anglezarke Moor. Report, via the North West Ambulance Service, of a 23-year-old male with an ankle injury on Anglezarke Moor. Reported on the moorland path between White Coppice and the ruined farm at Drinkwaters. Team deployed Landrover ambulances to White Coppice and onto the fell via Wheelton Plantation at Brinscall. SARLoc message sent and this showed position of casualty on our mapping systems. First Team members arriving at the incident scene, having walked up from White Coppice, reported an additional five friends of the casualty present who were starting to get cold despite the late afternoon sunshine. They were promptly placed under an emergency rescue shelter. The casualty was given gas and air to deal with the pain he was experiencing and the ankle splinted. We were able to get a Landrover within 100m of the casualty. After the short carry to the Landrover he was evacuated with one of his friends, who was quite cold, to RV with the NWAS Land Ambulance at Brinscall. A second Landrover arriving to collect the reaming four friends who were transported back to White Coppice. Team members then had a pleasant walk over the moors back to White Coppice. Thirteen Team members involved. (41 Rescue Person Hours)


Langden Castle in the heart of our area.



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