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Latest Call Outs, Incidents & Other Events. Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

44. 5th October. Spot Pick-Up. 15:33 Hrs. Anglezarke Quarry near Chorley. A male climber had fallen to the ground from the first pitch of the classic rock climb Golden Tower (E2, 5a) in Anglezarke Quarry. Reported with back and neck injuries. First Aid administered and he was evacuated on a mountain rescue stretcher to the road. 22 Team members responding to this incident. (33 Rescue Person Hours)

43. 5th October. Spot Pick-Up / RTC. 13:45 Hrs. Trough Bridge, Marshaw, Bowland. As we were packing up and closing down our Smelt Mill Headquarters following the team training weekend the North West Air Ambulance appeared overhead. This was followed by a land ambulance that was travelling to the area of Sykes Farm to attend a cyclist that had fallen in a ditch. An offer to follow up with one of our 4 x 4 Landrover ambulances was accepted by the crew. In the meantime, one of our vehicles that had left earlier had arrived first on scene and had attracted the attention of the Air Ambulance with a smoke flare. The incident was in fact on the other side of the Trough from Sykes near Trough Bridge. The Air Ambulance was able to land on the road and the casualty was carried to the aircraft by the Team for the flight to Lancaster. (30 Rescue Person Hours)

S17. 4th October. Standby Search / Advice. 16:00 Hrs. Bowland. During the Team training weekend a Police Officer called in at our Smelt Mill Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland with a report of a vulnerable male missing from Blackpool and thought to be in the area. The Officer was advised that if the missing person’s car was located we would be available to carry out a search. The Officer was requested to preserve any potential PLS (Place Last Seen) for the maximum benefit of tracking, trailing and search dog resources.

42. 3rd October. Spot Pick-Up. 18:00 Hrs. Slaidburn, Bowland. Team requested to assist the North West Ambulance Service with a female fallen from a quad-bike at a remote farm in the Slaidburn area. As the Team was preparing for a training weekend, we were able to dispatch vehicles from all our bases at Garstang, Penwortham and the Trough of Bowland immediately. On arrival at the scene, pain-relieving drugs were administered and she was carried the short distance to the waiting land ambulance. (30 Rescue Person Hours)
The Team has provided safety cover for the Three Peaks Cyclo Cross for over forty years and this year was no exception. The usual cuts and bruises to participants at the end of the event were all patched up. A number of shoulder injuries on the hill were dealt with. These participants walking off safely. One incident to report that did not involve the event as follows:

41. 28th September. Spot Pick-Up. 13:15 Hrs. Whernside, North Yorkshire. A female had fallen and sustained a serious wrist injury on the lower slopes of Whernside. This incident happened within a few hundred meters of one of our medic teams providing support for the Cyclo Cross event and they were quickly on scene. There were also a number of Doctors within the casualties own party. With the assistance of colleagues in the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO), the Yorkshire Air Ambulance was called and the casualty was flown to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. (4 Rescue Person Hours)


Langden Castle in the heart of our area.



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