Registered Charity Number 511072 & CIO 1202266 BPMRT is a full member of Mountain Rescue England and Wales


Leaving a Bequest in a Will is a most valuable and lasting way of helping the Team. We try to balance our annual operational spending with general fundraising, but when it comes to the large ‘one-off’ expenditure items like a replacement vehicle or major equipment renewals, it is difficult to budget for these, so we like to put the very variable amounts we receive from Wills towards these major items rather than towards general running costs.

A legacy is a tax efficient way of helping the Team, the amount being subtracted from an estate prior to any tax assessment. Whatever your situation, it is always advisable to make a Will to ensure that your wishes are catered for, and a solicitor can help with wording to ensure that bequests can be properly covered for in a Will.

In the past, legacies have enabled us to replace aging rescue vehicles, rescue kit and radio equipment, thereby keeping the Team able to maintain an efficient and reliable response to incidents.


We are always incredibly grateful when families nominate the Team to receive donations made at funerals. They are a particularly fitting tribute when a late friend or family member has had an association with the great outdoors.

Funeral Directors are used to passing these donations on to any chosen charity, so do feel free to discuss any in memorium requests with them. Donations such as these can also be Gift-Aided, increasing their value to the Team by up to 25%.