Registered Charity Number 511072 & CIO 1202266 BPMRT is a full member of Mountain Rescue England and Wales


There are many ways to support the team

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Wish List Appeal

We are often asked if there’s a specific piece of equipment or a team resource that requires direct funding. For example, following the 2015 floods in Lancashire, the team received  funding specifically to equip the team with relevant safety equipment and to train Swiftwater & Flood Water Rescue Technicians to deploy in the event of a similar disaster.

Thankfully incidents like that are few and far between, however there are other areas that would benefit from funding to allow us to maintain an effective search and rescue resource to support the statutory emergency services.

Here is a few items on our current wish list. If you would like to help fund any of these items, please contact us directly. Thank you.

Team Waterproofs – £12,000

As you can imagine, team waterproofs are a must have in any Mountain Rescue Team. Battering against inclement weather whilst on Operations is difficult enough, but with the right kit and equipment, we shall do our best.

Therefore, we need £12,000 to replace our aging waterproofs which are now over 10 years old, yes, they are over 10 years old!

Replacement Medical Equipment – £3,000

Medical equipment is virtually used on every callout the rescue team attends. Replacement trauma bandages, Oxygen masks, Entonox mouth pieces, blizzard blankets, AEDs, medicines, vacuum splints are just some examples that need replacing, any donation goes towards replacement medical supplies, and then available for our next casualty.

BPMRT are looking to raise £3,000 annually to cover the replacement of medical kit and medicines that we use to keep pain levels low.

If you would like to contribute towards the medical kit replacement project, please contact us.

Computer Equipment – £4,000

IT solutions and computer equipment form the foundations of most organistions these days, and with the daily advancements in technology, it’s easy to understand how hardware or software can quickly become out of date or inefficient.

We use computers on every incident we attend and they play an integral part in the effective management and deployment of resource during a search and rescue. Whilst our current equipment still works, it is several years old now and like most forms of technology would benefit from a modernisation programme.

With this in mind, we are in the process of raising funds to update the following items:

  • PCs x 2
  • Laptops x 2
  • Tablet x 2

If you would like to contribute towards this replacement computer equipment project, please contact us.

Water Rescue Equipment – £8,000

We have been engaged in water and flood rescue as a rescue team for over 15 years now. Support to our local community is part of our operational agenda and in the past we have been involved in floods in Croston, St Michaels, Lancaster and Cumbria to name just a few.

With our aging dry suits, some of these now need replacing, any donations received would go towards replacement dry suits for team members to wear on operations.