Incident 032/2023

Whilst the rescue Team were supporting the 49th Borrowdale fell race, we were alerted to assist Wasdale MRT on Mickledore, near Scafell Pike that a walker had injured his knee and was unable to walk.

Team members redeployed from our position on Scafell Pike to where the incident had occurred, around the Mickledore area. Our Team members were first on scene, made that valuable initial medical assessment and reported back to Wasdale MRT on the situation.

Wasdale MRT, shortly followed by Duddon & Furness were quickly on scene and made further medical assessments, where is was decided, due the mechanism of injury (a tumble of 20m) and the long and difficult stretcher carry to the nearest roadhead, helicopter assistance was required.

Once the Air Ambulance had arrived and landed, all mountain rescuers and helicopter medics then completed the energy sapping stretcher carry uphill to the helicopter, where he was then safely loaded for transportation to hospital.

The full event story can be view on the Wasdale MRT website Mickledore, Scafell Pike – Sat 5th Aug 2023 – Wasdale Mountain Rescue (wmrt.org.uk)

3 volunteer members of Bowland Pennine MRT attended this incident along with members of Wasdale MRT, Duddon & Furness MRT and Air Ambulance crews.

We wish our casualty a speedy recovery and hopefully back walking very soon.