Incident #041/2021 – Rescue, Stranded Canoeist


On Sunday evening at 20.24 pm on the 8th August 2021, the second callout of the day for the team,  we were alerted by the North West Ambulance Service that our services were now required for 2 stranded canoeist on the River Lune, just outside of Lancaster. The 2 canoeist were reported as their kayak’s as being overturned, they were conscious and breathing and currently clinging to a branch! With their whereabouts initially being unknown, they were located by Fire and MRT crews (with the help of the Fire Service drone) after being in the water for over 90 minutes. With the Fire crew using their water rescue sledge, they successfully managed to extricate them from the water and move them down stream so they could be handed over to our team members for initial medical assessment. With both kayaker’s suffering from early stages of Hypothermia the team used our Blizzard blankets and heat packs and then walked them back to the road head where Paramedics could then make a full assessment.

With Lancashire Fire & Rescue, the North West Ambulance Service and ourselves on scene, this was an excellent example of inter agency working, with 2 very fragile, cold and wet kayakers being rescued.

041/2021 River Lune

8th August 2021Duration 2 hours 40 minutesIn attendance:13 BPMRT6 LFRS2 NWAS