Incident 020/2024

On Monday 20th May 2024 at 4.18pm the rescue Team were requested by the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a difficult situation in Carnforth, where an Ambulance crew were finding it difficult to extract an 87-year-old female who had dislocated her hip.

Not normally an area where the rescue Team would go, our patient lived in a remote area in Carnforth near the canal, where the track was small and difficult to drive an ambulance.

Team members arrived and along with the ambulance crew assessed the situation and it was decided that our patient would be stretchered and carried by the Team along the narrow track approximately the 400 metres back to the road head where the ambulance was situated.

Once the stretcher carry was completed, the rescue Team handed over the patient and she was then taken to the local hospital for further treatment.

We wish our patient a swift and speedy recovery and we hope she is back on her feet quickly.

11 volunteers of Bowland Pennine MRT were involved in this rescue that took 3 hours to complete.