Incident 022/2024

The rescue Team were requested to revisit Carnforth (See also INC 020/2024) late on Sunday evening 26th May 2024 at 9.15 pm by the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a 91-year-old male with a query hip injury who was in severe pain and was unable to mobilise.

Our assistance was requested as the Ambulance crew on scene were unable to drive their Ambulance to the cottage due to difficult road access conditions.

A small number of rescue Team members attended and used our Bell mountain rescue stretcher to carry the patient to the road head were the Ambulance was parked, the patient was then transferred and handed over to the Ambulance crew.

This incident was the same location as incident 20/2024, where we assisted the wife of today’s patient on the stretcher to the road head and transfer into the Ambulance.

6 volunteers of Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team assisted in this incident and we wish both of our patients from incidents 20 and 22 a swift recovery.