Incident 029/2022

The rescue Team were requested by the North West Ambulance Service and Lancashire Constabulary to locate and treat a male who had walked across a field and had fallen into a ditch. With the actual location unkown, the Police deployed their drone in an attempt to locate our casualty, however, this was not successful.

We were also given a what3words location by the ambulance service, but this proved to be unsuccessful also. It was our mountain rescue location facility SARLOC that eventually worked, with our casualty opening up the system and giving our mountain rescue team his exact location, which was approximately 600 metres away from where everyone was looking for him!

Once we had the location, we all moved and we finally located our casualty just after midnight. After an initial assessment determining that he had a potential lower leg break, we used a blizzard blanket and our mountain rescue casualty bag along with a leg vacuum splint we evacuated our casualty a short distance from the ditch to an awaiting ambulance, he was then re-assessed and transported into the trauma unit at Preston Royal Infirmary.

The rescue team eventually stood down at 02.00 hrs on the Saturday morning.