Incident 023/2022

The rescue Team were requested by the North West Ambulance Service to assist with an incident that there was a report of 3 people in the river Lune at the Weir upstream of the Caton Picnic site.

A multi-agency response with ambulances and the Fire Service on scene determine that the 3 persons were in a boat in the middle of the rive

Our first Team members on scene liaised with the Ambulance Controller at scene and it was confirmed all casualties were out of the water and safe. With this good news, our rescue Team Stood Down and reverted to standby status. At the request of the Ambulance Controller on scene those MRT Team members on scene were requested to remain on scene to assist with the walk off just in case were needed, however, everything with the evacuation went well and we are not required.

15 volunteer mountain rescuers were available for this incident, thankfully we had a good outcome and everyone was fine with no injuries.