Incident Number 053/2021 – Spot Pick Up Stalmine

The team were called early Saturday morning to a walker who had fallen over his dog while out walking and suffered a fractured ankle. The casualty was treated firstly by a passing medic (top effort) he isolated the casualty from the ground and covered him to keep him warm. Once the team were on the scene they further stabilise the casualty and administer pain relief. We were then joined by the air ambulance and crew who took over the treatment.
Once stabilised the casualty was then placed on a bell mountain rescue stretcher and carried 200m to a waiting land ambulance for transportation to the hospital.
Incident number 53 in 2021. Sat 18th Sept
Incident type: Spot Pick Up
Injuries: Lower Leg Injury
Incident start time: 09.05
Incident end time: 12:12
Team members involved: 12 Bowland Pennine MRT
Weather: Warm and sunny
Location: Stalmine