Incident 028/2022

The rescue Team were called by the North West Ambulance Service to attend to a 68-year-old male who had tripped and had fallen injuring his lower leg. With the casualty being located next to the Dean Black Brook, approximately 800 metres from the cricket ground at White Coppice it was clear our specialist services were required.

With the assistance from our neighbours Bolton Mountain Rescue Team who attend with 6 team members, our casualty was quickly assessed and it was determined he had a lower leg fracture. With swelling to the lower leg and a high pain score, our rescue team administrated Entonox as a pain relief.

Once our casualty was safely packaged on our mountain rescue Bell stretcher both rescue teams evacuated him over undulating rough ground to the cricket ground where he was then re-assessed and transported to Royal Preston Hospital.

20 mountain rescuers from Bowland Pennine and Bolton Mountain Rescue teams attended today who are all volunteers.

We wish our patient a speedy recovery and best wishes for the future.