Rescue – Keswick MRT Assist

Incident 039/2021 – Keswick TL phoned BPMRT TL direct for assistance with a serious incident as he was aware BPMRT team members were in area due to the Borrowdale Fell race. 8 team members available to assist and went to the RV at Seathwaite farm. The 8 team members arrived on scene at Sty Head Gill to assist Keswick MRT as a HMCG (Coast Guard) helicopter arrived, the team members returned to stand down location after Rescue 936 winched the casualty and was flown into Barrow hospital. Serious injuries included fractured dislocation of the elbow, required strong analgesia from the Keswick MR Doctor.

039/2021 Sty Head Gill

Lake District

7th August 2021

Duration 2 hours 15 minutes

In attendance

8 BPMRT members responded

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