Rescue, Gisburn Forest Mountain Biker

Incident 040/2021 – On Sunday morning at 11.02 am on the 8th August 2021 we were alerted by the North West Ambulance Service that our services were required for a 44 year old male mountain biker who had fallen in Gisburn Forest. The male mountain biker had fallen on the red route called Swoopy where he had suffered a serious ankle injury. The rescue team were quickly on scene  we quickly put the casualty at ease and examined him for further injuries, which included early stages of Hypothermia. Once we had completed our assessments and treatment, which included re-warming we transported him in our mountain rescue ambulance Landrover to the Hub at Stephen Park where we transferred him over the Paramedics.     

040/2021 Gisburn Forest

8th August 2021

Duration 3 hours 30 minutes

In attendance:



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