Search, Wolf Fell

Search, Wolf Fell

Incident 042/2021 – On Monday evening at 19.15 pm on the 9th August 2021 we were alerted by Lancashire Constabulary that a 35 year old female was lost and was unable to walk due to fatigue. We used the mountain rescue ‘SARLOC’ facility to pin point her location and we also talked with her directly by mobile to give her the confidence we were alerted and on our way. With the location being on Wolf Fell, and with the missing female suffering from early stages of Hypothermia, we managed to drive a team 4×4 Landrover up on the fell to very near her location. Once we were with her we warmed her up in the vehicle, gave some food and then drove back off the fell to our forward RV at Fell foot. Once back at the RV we ensured she was okay to proceed by herself and then drove her back to her car which was on the other side of the fell at Hareden.

042/2021 Wolf Fell

9th August 2021
Duration 2 hours 45 minutes
In attendance:

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